Need A Race Timer?

Race Timing

Our race timing services involve multiple computers, components and software to track athlete data from the point of registration all the way through the finish line (and beyond!).  From our secure website, runners can register for your race, make payments, use coupons, register their families, select t-shirt sizes, and much more.  At the race, we handle the start/finish line, music, announcements, award categories to your specifications and quick results.   We can supply custom bibs and pins also.  Each runner gets an RFID timing chip on their bib and times are digitally recorded when runners cross the finish line. The software then sorts the data by time, age, gender and any other parameters our clients may need. With this technology, results are instantaneous. Without it, it can take hours.  

We keep our rates as affordable as we can.  Want a quote?  Contact us!

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